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Premarital Counseling

Supporting premarital couples to create a robust foundation for marriage through proactive, strength-based counseling.



Proactive is where it’s at

The mission of Sequoia Immersions is to help pave the road where it’s normal for healthy couples to proactively enhance their relationship. What better time to tend to your partnership than when you’re transitioning to marriage? Research shows that couples who have gone through premarital counseling have a higher relationship satisfaction and greater buffer for stress later on. So why wait until things get bad? Use the momentum of this joyful season to deepen and elevate your relationship.

Counseling Approach

I take a collaborative and strength-based approach to counseling. During our time together, I work with you to: identify your core strengths as a couple, support you with any areas of challenges, and to help facilitate meaningful dialogue designed to cultivate greater connection, resilience, and joy in your life. Relevant research-based concepts and skills from leading health experts are woven throughout counseling to strengthen the process and outcome.

Essential Ingredients

I believe that the “success” of counseling is three-fold:

  1. Your commitment: what you put in is what you get out

  2. One size doesn't fit all: I tailor treatment to your specific needs.

  3. Our relationship: a strong, compatible fit between us is key.

What do the Sessions Look Like?



Sessions 1-4 are devoted to learning about who you are as a couple, and as individuals. This helps me learn about you as a couple, and helps you gain awareness into yourself and your relationship. Then, we lay out a roadmap for the next sessions.


core premarital topics

Sessions 5 onward are tailored to your needs as a couple, and include core topics such as: family history and mapping, communication, emotional engagement, self care, conflict management, rituals of connection, sexuality, and shared meaning.


wrap up & ongoing support

After we cover all of the core topics you’re interested in exploring, we spend a final session highlighting your strengths and growth as a couple. Additional sessions are available after the wedding to help you keep your marriage healthy and vibrant.

Offering Three Formats

In-Person Weekly Sessions

Weekly in-person sessions are available for couples who live in the Seattle area, and are able to commit to a regular time each week. They are well suited for couples who like to have space and time to process and apply new relationship skills and frameworks in between appointments. Most couples who come for premarital counseling typically meet with me for 10-20 sessions, depending on your specific needs, and the level of support you’re looking for.

Online Weekly Sessions

Weekly online sessions are available for couples in the state of Washington, who live a bit further outside of Seattle, and are looking for support as they prepare for marriage. Just like weekly in-person sessions, the length of counseling will vary per couple depending on your needs and goals for our work together.

In-Person Counseling Immersions

Premarital counseling immersions are a great option for couples unable to commit to weekly sessions, and who are looking to dive in, immerse, and create change quickly. We go through the normal assessment process *(see above), and then shift into the core topics you want to cover as a couple. We work to prepare you for marriage and to strengthen your foundation as a couple, after which followup appointments are available. This is an in-person experience only, available at my Seattle office, or with the option to be tailored for a retreat experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with? I work with premarital couples, newlyweds, couples transitioning to parenthood, and couples at various other stages of their relationship. I also work with individuals who may be grappling with personal/ interpersonal concerns and who are interested in gaining personal insight and growth through therapy.

How long will it take? It varies greatly depending on your hopes and goals for our work together. However, if we’re a good fit, I ask that you commit to either weekly sessions or a therapy immersion, as it’s most effective to building a therapeutic relationship and momentum in our work together.

How much will counseling cost? Counseling sessions are $175 for the preliminary 90-minute intake session, and $125 for all subsequent 50-minute sessions. Longer sessions can be arranged for a prorated amount. Therapy Immersions are typically 2-3 day experiences that cost between $1,500- $3,000.

Do you accept insurance? I do not accept insurance.

Do you offer a sliding scale? I have limited sliding scale spots based on need, and my current availability. Inquire for more details.

How do we get started?