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looking to proactively strengthen your relationship? 

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Empowering couples to create a robust foundation of love, health, and connection through immersive wilderness retreats and counseling services.

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We consider the most relevant empirical research on health and relationships, and weave it into innovative immersions and counseling services in desirable urban and wilderness areas. 


Visit our couples retreats page to learn more about how you can go through the Gottman Seven Principles Couples Program, while enjoying a life-changing immersive wilderness experience in world-class destinations.

what others are saying:

I can say with complete honesty and verve that this experience has changed our life in such an unexpected and paramount way. After being together for more than 8 years, I never thought that something at this point in our relationship would cultivate so much growth, new perspective, and new-found love and appreciation for one another. I am so grateful to Hannah, to Connor, to the Gottman Principles, and to the way Hannah is taking such an innovative approach to spreading her knowledge and compassion. 10/10 would recommend.
— Katie
This was one of the most amazing trips I’ve been on. Every single piece was so well thought out and implemented. Not only was it a breathtaking landscape, it was a physically and mentally engaging experience that my husband and I were able to invest in our relationship. There’s no reason to wait till you have problems to start working on your relationships and all of the skills that we learned about intentional, kind, and respectful communication can be applied to all relationships. It gave us a safe and beautiful space to take on some challenging topics that we never felt prepared to talk about head on before. In addition to all of that, H+C SPOILED us. The food and mealtime ambiance was incredible and all of the thoughtful details made it so special.
— Tia
I would definitely recommend this to other couples. It was great for us to have such condensed time going through the material we did.
— jesse
Highly recommend this trip for young couples thinking about their next steps together.
— colin

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