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Empowering couples to create a robust foundation of love, health, joy, resilience, and connection.


The vision of Sequoia Immersions is to shift our culture in a way that it becomes normal for healthy couples to proactively nurture and elevate their partnership to feel vibrant, strong, and joyful.

Through uniquely tailored counseling services and immersive wilderness retreats, we work with proactive premarital, newlywed, and transitioning couples to create the type of life and relationships you desire.


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September 6-8, Colorado

Colorado Marriage Retreat

Based in Seattle | Immersive Retreats throughout the USA

Sequoia Immersions is based out of Seattle, Washington, with a digital presence, and a global mission. We provide uniquely tailored counseling services (online and in person in the state of Washington), as well as group and customized couples retreats in majestic wilderness areas throughout the country. Hannah Eaton, M.S. is the founder, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, deeply committed to and passionate about leading a movement for couples to proactively strengthen their relationships.


proactive marriage counseling

Relationship good but running into some communication issues or other challenges? Take your relationship to new depths through in person or online counseling.

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Premarital counseling

Preparing to get married? Learn about uniquely tailored in-person or online programs to help you start off your marriage with a strong foundation.

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couples immersion retreats

Looking to boost your relationship to new heights while enjoying world class destinations, dining, and experiences? Check out upcoming wilderness retreats.

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