Sequoia Immersions
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Urban immersions

We invite you to join us for experiences designed to foster elevated growth and connection through enjoyable workshops and events taking place in Seattle, WA.

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Upcoming events

Couple's Valentine's Dance & Date Night (SOLD OUT)

Registration includes: entry for one couple (2 partners), drinks & desserts, fun exercise to strengthen your intimacy as a couple, and an intro dance lesson.

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Value of Urban

We believe in taking intentional time to strengthen relationships while celebrating the arts and culture of urban areas. We partner with local artists and businesses to provide desirable experiences for all people to nurture connection, growth, and creativity in one’s self and community.

What to Expect

We offer urban immersions in a variety of formats such as, weekly series, weekend workshops, and pop-up events. Examples of urban immersions include: pre-marital couples dancing series, date night pop-up events, mindfulness and creativity workshops, and more. Woven throughout each immersion is an emphasis on nurturing greater connection, health, and joy through creativity in community. While some events will take you through relationship-oriented curriculum and skills, other immersions allow the experience to speak for itself to foster greater well-being in your life.

Come Join Us

Regardless of your background, we invite you to experience connection through creative expression in urban settings. For more information, fill out our contact form. To learn about upcoming urban immersions, see below.


I absolutely loved this workshop! I learned a lot, experienced great personal insight, and really enjoyed the relaxing direction and environment.
— Workshop participant