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about sequoia immersions

Empowering couples to create a robust foundation of love, health, and connection through immersive wilderness retreats and counseling services.

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Hannah is the founder of Sequoia Immersions and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate (#MG60795634). She is immensely passionate about leading a movement where it becomes normal for all couples to proactively and preventively nurture and strengthen their relationships. She integrates her background in therapy, ecopsychology, art therapy, and wilderness guiding to offer a variety of services to help her clients experience meaningful connection and growth. In addition to designing and leading urban and wilderness immersions, Hannah meets with clients for weekly counseling services in her Seattle-based office, and is the Program Manager of Psychoeducation at The Gottman Institute. She is trained in Gottman Couples Method Level Two, and is a Gottman Seven Principles Leader and Bringing Baby Home Educator. She is also a member of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapists, and receives regular professional supervision under Anna Goeke (#LF00002193). When she’s not leading immersive experiences for couples, you will find her pursuing a diversity of interests, including running, dancing, backpacking and bike touring, surfing, jumping in the ocean year round, gardening, engaging in art and design projects, and spending lots of quality time with her wonderful husband.

Hannah’s husband, Connor, joins her in leading transformative retreats for pre-marital and newlywed couples looking to purposefully cultivate love, health, and connection in their relationships. The two first met in their University Outdoor Club, and have been exploring and leading trips together for a combined 15+ years. Married for four years, and together for eight, they understand the highs and lows that can come with intimate relationships. In addition to their background in wilderness guiding, they are both Certified Gottman Seven Principles Leaders, and integrate these time-tested skills and principles into their pre-marital and newlywed retreats. In 2016, Hannah and Connor bicycled 5,000 miles along the pacific coast and along the Rocky Mountains as a means to unplug, explore magnificent wilderness areas, focus on strengthening their relationship, and to find a home in Seattle, WA, where they currently live.

Through purposefully designed experiences, we help you to foster deeper connection, elevated relationships, and greater health by focusing on three primary levels:

  1. Individual: we believe that every individual is uniquely designed, and thrives through gaining and strengthening self awareness, self compassion, and resilience. We find immense value in helping you to honor your particular needs and purpose, as well as to recognize how you can uniquely contribute to society in a meaningful way.

  2. Relationships: we believe that one of the most basic human needs is to experience connection with others by being heard, seen, and accepted in the context of deep, meaningful relationships. We are dedicated to helping you create and experience such relationships.

  3. Nature: we believe that our relationship to the natural world is critical to our health and well-being, as well as the health and longevity of our ecosystem. We stress the importance of “unplugging” to slow down and immerse ourselves in nature, whether on a micro scale in an urban garden, or on a macro scale of a remote wilderness area.


Specifically, we are passionate about taking already “good” relationships to the next level. We believe in the power of proactive and preventative measures to ensure that your relationships not only stay “good” over time, but become “enhanced” as you continue to grow and evolve in ways that cultivate deeper levels of connection and meaning. We find it most effective to enhance your relationship by not only talking about it, but by actually experiencing it.

At this time, we offer a variety of experiences where you can focus on deepening your relationships:

  • Counseling: We believe that one of the best investments in yourself and your relationships is to take proactive measures to design and create your preferred story. We also know that while life’s challenges can often be difficult, working through them in the context of meaningful relationships not only can be healing, but can actually help us to grow stronger as individuals and in relationships. We understand that working through adversities sometimes means needing that additional help, even when it’s difficult to ask.

  • Wilderness Immersions: Wilderness immersions or retreats vary from one to ten day experiences in natural and wilderness areas. While they range from five-star “luxury” place-based retreats to travel-oriented wilderness adventures, the principle is the same; by taking time to unplug and immerse yourself in intentional time in the wilderness, you will experience rest, rejuvenation, relaxation, and reconnection to yourself, community and nature in astonishing and rewarding ways.

  • Urban Immersions: We offer shorter unique urban immersions that range from pop-up events to weekly series for individuals and couples looking to connect in their daily lives. We purposefully design such experiences for those looking to experience elevated growth and connection through fun and enjoyable workshops and events.